Cultural Marxism In Academia

This is a work in progress. The intention is to gather a bibliography of academic work using or interacting with “Cultural Marxism” to show that scholars do indeed use this term for the Frankfurt School and derivatives. Credit for much of this list goes to Timon Cline.


“Critique of Domination” by Trent Schroyer (1973)


“Women and Revolution” by Lydia Sargent see essay by Emily Hicks

“The Origin, Development, and Contemporary Status of Critical Theory” by Robert Antonio, Sociological Quarterly, 24:3 (Summer, 1983), 325-351

“The Sociology of Sporta: Structural Marxist and Cultural Marxist Approaches”  by T. R. Young Sociological Perspectives 29:1 (1986)

“Marxism and the Interpretation of Culture” Edited by Cary Nelson and Lawrence Grossberg (1988) (Intro to series of essays says humanist marxists came to be known as cultural Marxists)

“Critically theory, Marxism, and modernity” by Douglas Kellner (1989)

“Critical Theory Now” by Philip Wexler (login required; uses CM & states that CT puts to use the best of the neo-Marxist ideas)


“British Cultural Marxism” by Ioan Davies International Journal of Politics, Culture, and Society Vol. 4, No. 3 (Spring, 1991), pp. 323-344

“History of British Cultural Marxism” by Dennis Dworkin (1997)

“Thesis on Cultural Marxism” by John Brenkman Social Text 7 (1993), 19-33

“Cultural Theory in Britain” by Ioan Davies Theory, Culture & Society (1993)

“Views Beyond the Border Country Raymond Williams and Cultural Politics” Edited By Dennis Dworkin, Leslie Roman (1993)


“Cultural Diversity in the United States: A Critical Reader” by Susser and Patterson pg 20 chapter on “Studying U.S.  Cultural Diversity : Some Non-Essentializing Perspectives” by Douglas Foley and Kirby Moss (2001) (calling the Marxism of U Birmingham CCCS “cultural marxism”)

“Reading Cultural Studies, Reading Foucault” by Rimi Khan (originally published in “Postmodern Culture”)
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“Geography in America at the Dawn of the 21st Century” by Gary L. Gaile, Cort J. Willmott (2005) pp. 85-88 (ch by Garth Myers, Patrick McGreevy, George Carney, & Judith Kenny (attributing CM to Raymond Williams in the 70’s)

“Western Cultural Marxism” by Roger D. Markwick Russian Review 65:2 (2006)

Conversations on Cultural Marxism by Jameson on Jameson (2007)

“Cultural History “(2007) by Anna Green, starting on p. 49 (see also preceding section on Marxism generally)

Blackwell Companion to Cultural Geography, see p. on CM & geography (p.61, & p. 165 attributing CM to Gramsci & Williams)

“The strength of weak programs in cultural sociology: A critique of Alexander’s critique of Bourdieu, Theory and Society” by David Gartman (ref’ing Gramsci’s CM)
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“Cultural Materialism: A Critique” by R.S. Neale,Social History 9:2 Pages 199-215 (2008) (calling Raymond Williams’ “cultural materialism” CM)

“The Theory of Marxism: Questions and Answers,” Rethinking Marxism: A Journal of Economics, Culture & Society 20:3 (2008) (Symposium)

“Marxism without Marx” by Alan Freeman (a classical Marxist critiquing CM & uses that term) 2009


“Cultural Sociology: An Introduction” by Les Back, Andy Bennett, Laura Desfor Edles (2012)

“Cultural Marxism and Cultural Studies” by Douglas Kellner (2013) (a current cultural/gender studies prof at UCLA who claims to be a Frankfurt schooler)
Quote: “Cultural Marxism thus strengthens the arsenal of cultural studies in providing critical and political perspectives that enable individuals to dissect the meanings,messages, and effects of dominant cultural forms.”

Cultural Marxism: Imaginary Conspiracy or Revolutionary Reality?
By Robert S. Smith
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